Your Essence
The essence of your presence
is so alive of heart to tend
creating joys in the spirit
which to live of soul within.
And does cause movements
in all flows of love inside
as creations of sure witness
of forgiveness to so abide.
The essence of your presence
is so alive now as to see
in reflection of each moment
which to live of ways so free.
And does cause movements
as of joys now to be known
as creations of sure witness
of faithful love as grown.
— J.D. Diller

Discover your essence. Tune in and tap into the essence of your present Self. Your individual essence exists within your soul and dwells within your heart. It the space within that all your love and joys flow from and ask to be known. 

Your essence is alive and reflected within each moment and it hopes to be made more present through your every action, thought and breath. It is the voice within that lights you up and reminds you of your purpose. It is the unique and creative part of your identity that is your gift to share with the world. It is love and the things that animate your soul. Love is being who you are and it is being who you were born to be.  

So, from a place of observation and reflection, can you look within to discover your essence? 

With this in mind can you step into a physical manifestation of your essence? Could your every movement and breath come from a place of love and connection to your spirit? With an established connection to your essence, you can turn to a place of surrender and trust. 

"Your Essence"

"Your Essence"

Trust that this moment and every moment is perfect. Know and remember that you’re the one you’re looking for. Trust in this true sense of your Self, the essence of who you are and the teacher that exists within always. Reside in this truth and the truth in all beings. 

Find that place within that brings out your humanness. Find that place within that echoes the love that exists within your own soul.  From this heart-centered space, share this spirit and essence with everyone who you meet. Manifest your essence and let your love and joys flow freely into the world.

Radiate your essence. 

You have to find that place that brings out the human in you. The love in you. The soul in you.
— R.M. Drake
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