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Your Choices, Your Path

Your Choices, Your Path

How wild it was, to let it be.
— Cheryl Strayed

Each action that we take leads us one step closer to our destiny.

When faced with choices that have the potential to dictate our individual path, there is a tendency to make life unnecessarily difficult and serious. But, we are much grander than that. 

What if we are here to experience joy and to find a true zest and exploration for life? Each of us are created so multi-dimensional. What if we are here to express all parts of ourselves?  

Imagine if we are here just to simply be. 

So, could we welcome all those parts of ourselves, the difficult, the sticky, the joyous, and the carefree?

I invite you to reconnect to this flow of energy.

"Your Choices, Your Path"

"Your Choices, Your Path"

Can we trust that all the choices we make lead to something that is both mysterious and beautiful? We are constantly on our path, even when it feels like we are not, and we are not on our path, even when we are on it. There is a road that we travel that has no destination. There is no fixed purpose. We are constantly transforming.

We are here on Earth to enjoy the miracle of simply being alive, to experience and accept both the miracles and the mysteries, and to enjoy the forever changing currents of life. 

Embrace the changes, free yourself of the heaviness of life decisions, and know that there is no need for an improved version of ourselves. We are beautiful by simply being. Let this original energy pour out from you. Allow life’s energy to flow through and in doing so things become more fluid. Opportunities to manifest your highest self will present themselves easily. 

You are ready. Embrace this readiness. You are enough as you are. 

Sometimes we forget how far we have traveled while we are looking ahead to the next steps. Good to lie down and remember what it took to get this far, all those karmic hoops we had to jump through, all those overcomings. Good to stroke our face with love and to remind ourselves how much courage it took and who we would have become if we hadn’t braved the journey. Good to say ‘thank you’ to the inner spirit that walks within and beside us, whispering sweet something in our inner ear, reminding us that we are simply and utterly worth fighting for. We ARE simply and utterly worth fighting for.
— Jeff Brown
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