Unite Your Humanness With Your Spirit

Being true to who we are
means carrying our spirit like a candle
in the center of darkness.
— Mark Nepo

Within this life we face many situations that challenge us. Like no other, these moments have the capability to truly ground us in our human experience. A variety of emotions might be felt and over time we are undoubtedly tested physically, mentally, and even spiritually. 

So, when these particular situations arise no matter how they are presented to us individually, can you make a conscious choice to commit to your spirit? Can your radiance and truth remain strong even when tested? In the fleeting moments of darkness, can you bring in light?

Life is undeniably full of unexpected twists and interesting turns. But, can you choose to show up strongly in the world to take on and handle the unexpected? Can the love that you hold for yourself withstand the hurt and disappointment that you have experienced and may meet again?

"Unite Your Humanness With Your Spirit"

"Unite Your Humanness With Your Spirit"

Connect with yourself. Despite your personal faults or past mistakes, remember the unshakable light that exists within you. Bind your spirit with the humanness that makes you alive. Make a pledge to the truth of your soul and earthly existence. 

Let your humanness be an embodiment of your fiery spirit, vital power and essence. Allow life and its circumstances to guide you towards your highest self. Let the love that you must constantly cultivate for yourself have a revitalizing effect on your spirit. Never silence the essential parts of who you are. Bask in the glory of yourself, your soul, your truth, no matter how others view you, in sickness and in health, with every cut and every bruise. The life of your heart and your mind have power and strength beyond belief. Remember your essence, abandon fear. Love yourself passionately. Love yourself unconditionally. Fully embrace your humanness. Show up with strength and always carry your light.

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