Trust Your Work

We like to have guides. We like to have maps. Each of us hope to understand where we are going and when we will arrive there. However, everything we’re searching for is already inside of us. Each day the work that we do and the effort that we put forth brings us one step closer to that place of understanding. 

"Trust Your Work" 

"Trust Your Work" 

When we continually trust in ourselves and the process, each day and even the smallest effort that we put forth helps to lay down a solid foundation. Once that foundation begins to form, we begin to witness and understand our place in the world. Individually, our status and roles differ from one another. Collectively, we face similar trials. Even though, we hope that someone could present us with an easy guide to map out our lives, it does not exist. We must venture out. We must take risks. We must leap into the unknown. We must discover the truth on our own and in our own way. Each breath, each action draws us closer to that space of understanding and truth. 

Often, we waste time doubting ourselves when all along everything we want and hope for is already inside of us. It is our job to trust that inner guide, trust in the work that we do and always remember that anything is possible and available to us, here and now, but we will never know until we live it. The zest, the excitement, the understanding, the magic is in the living. It lies in the every day, our actions, our thoughts, and the risks we take. When we commit to trusting in ourselves, it begins to unveil itself to us in every breath and in every moment. 

Ashley LorenzoComment