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The Value of Success

The Value of Success

Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.
— Albert Einstein

So often there is a universal desire to skyrocket straight toward a life of success filled with all of the of accoutrements: wealth, health, fame and happiness. This  quick-fix mentality is deeply embedded within our society. 

But what kind of life is this if at the culmination of success there is no true feeling of pride in the means that you took to get there? What if you sacrificed your morals, your well-being or your loved ones in order to achieve your goals? What have you really accomplished if all you end up receiving is success on a platform of untruths and, perhaps, even sheer luck?

Imagine if you were unable to place any value on your success. It would seem to be a pure loss. 

If your success doesn’t affect any positive changes to the world or the way your live your life or interact within your relationships, would it still be successful? Could you place value on it?

Who are the so-called successful people in your life that you admire? Are they successful in a holistic sense? Despite their life-circumstance or the amount of money in their checking account, are they genuinely happy and care for others?

"The Value of Success"

"The Value of Success"

What if you were able to cultivate the things you most value in order to create your own story of success? What would you change? What would you continue to cultivate? Who would you hope to positively effect? 

It is said that success can be best measured by the hard work and commitment that one puts into achieving their goals, and subsequently their outcome. However, it doesn’t factor in the necessary value that you must place on your own heart, your own values and the people and things that matter most to you, because a life of value is a life of success. 

You must be impeccable with your thoughts and actions and let them speak for what your value most. You must commit to a life of value and live it out every single day. 


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