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Take Ownership of Your Own Life

Take Ownership of Your Own Life

You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.
— Elizabeth Gilbert
"Take Ownership of Your Own Life"

"Take Ownership of Your Own Life"

There are so many things that we desire to bring into our individual lives. But, the thing that many of us forget is that our life belongs to us. We are in charge. So few people ever actually consider owning and taking responsibility for their destination. Furthermore, it is easy to forget the fact that life works in ways that properly set the stage for us to manifest our dreams. 

With that being said, here is a guide to start taking ownership of your life (read more about this here) wherever you are:

1. Uphold Your Values

Your ultimate destination is guided by your values. We live out of morality, so our values help us to set the course. Before you set a goal or destination, you mustestablish a list of “non-negotiables”. Bring to mind what is important you. Take the time to write down a few key aspects of your value system like healthy family relations, truthfulness, maintaining health, etc. Know your values by heart so that no matter what others are doing, you won’t be tempted to veer off course. Be thoughtful about what you know to be true and live out those beliefs.

2. Be Guided by Grace

The circumstances that we face in our individual lives are the perfect platform for us to take ownership. This is a difficult stage because so often we are faced with occurrences that are trying. Situations that don’t follow plan are difficult to navigate because they require our full trust. We must believe that each person, place and situation is made specifically for us. They hold the power to shape us and prepare us for the possibilities that lie ahead. While we are in charge of our thoughts and reactions, most situations are out of our individual control. Controlled breath work and practices like yoga and meditation help to calm the mind and the body. In addition to bringing more relaxation into the physical body, these practices help to remind us to trust in the process. 

3. Be Curious

Whatever circumstance that we find ourselves thrown into is an opportunity to be curious. Think of every situation as a chance to ask— how is this moment calling me to grow? How is the situation pushing you forward on your path? If it isn’t serving you well, how can you make the appropriate changes needed? Each situation forces growth and increased self-awareness. It helps us to awaken within. Our inner-voice is the greatest guide. Listen in and let your life be guided by your best sense of self. 

4. Do You

No one knows you as well as you do. You can choose whatever it is that you want your life to look like. Consider this a freedom. Inquire within. Answer to your values. Work hard and let the world work alongside of you to steer you toward your dreams. Trust that when you are on your path that every moment works to bring you toward your goals.   


Stick with the process. Seek what is within. Hone in on your values and lead a life guided by your truest desires

Take ownership of your life, wherever you are.

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