Ashley Lorenzo

Strength and Surrender

Strength and Surrender

Wherever we are in our lives, when we find ourselves in a rut, faced with challenges or whether we are strongly driven to achieve a personal goal, how can we find both strength and surrender? How can we move forward with determination, conviction and commitment, but also find relaxation, presence and awareness within? 

These dualities exist within each of us. 

We are strong, but also calm. 

We can choose to be aware, but also non-reactive.

We can connect to a place within where these dualities simultaneously exist. 

Trusting in the fact that we do in fact possess both sides of the coin allows grace to enter any situation we confront. This reigns true even if we need to send our energy and intention to cultivating one side more than the other.   

It is when we stay strong and remain calm that we can relax around the process. Faith and trust can be cultivated and used to our individual advantage. Presence in each moment reminds us that we are both committed and also at ease. Space is made for us to actually enjoy the journey of our personal endeavors. 

We are dynamic and fruitful beings. Allow the duality and dynamism of our human nature carry and support us on our individual paths. Relax around the process. Enjoy the journey. Have faith in your power, but also maintain faith in the power of your ability to surrender. Keep in connection to a place of strength, but remain peaceful. Prolong awareness, but abandon reactivity. 

Let individual convictions and dreams guide us, while we sustain our sense of ease and openness in all matters. Embrace duality. Connect with and call on it always.  

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