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Step Into Your Light

Step Into Your Light

Perhaps this is why, in the fullest moments of loving or knowing or being, we go nameless and timeless and breathless— everything about us used up, like a candle, burned over and over, just to light entire rooms with our flicker.
— Mark Nepo

Welcome the Winter Solstice. Step into the light as we begin to shift away from long days of darkness. 

As the year comes to an end, it becomes an ideal time to look back on the past year, taking time to remember the good and bad times, both the light and dark. This helps us to reflect on the moments in our lives that touch our spirit. What made us light up and forever transformed our spirit? Through these moments we evolve and continue to light and warm those who love us and stay near. 

The Solstice arrives as a reminder to step away from darkness and into light. 

How can you step more into your light? What does this mean for you?

"Step Into Your Light"

"Step Into Your Light"

As we move into the holidays, this time is often called “the most wonderful time of the year.” It truly is because it is a time where we spend precious moments with family and friends who love and appreciate us for who we are, exactly as we are. These people encourage our light in all of its brightness. No matter the darkness that we've been through, these loved ones continue to encourage us, so that we can continue to shine. In such times, we see and become a part of the the Oneness that holds humanity together.

Step into your light.

Own your radiance and share it with others. With your breath as your guide, continue to walk the pathway that leads you toward your light.


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