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Slow Down in Life

Slow Down in Life

Always remember to slow down in Life;
live, breathe, and learn;
take a look around you whenever
you have time and never forget
everything and every person that
has the least place within your heart.
— Unknown

Let’s revive the art of slowing the pace of life. 

How can we do this when everything and everyone seems to be moving so fast? Even when we try to keep up it seems as if our efforts are not good enough. But what if we were able to change our thinking? What if we were able to convince ourselves that the effort that we did exert would allow for us to achieve our desires and aspiration?

Why should it not allow us to do so? 

"Slow Down in Life"

"Slow Down in Life"

Moving at a faster pace does not necessarily guarantee success. Sometimes we are in fact "spinning our wheelsand not moving anywhere quickly. 

Often when we are in a hurry, life will beg us to slow down. We might be stalled in traffic, pulled over by a traffic cop or perhaps so caught up in the running of time that we might even be physically slowed down by illness or injury. When we find ourselves in the pursuit of ambitious plans or taking on everyday errands, we are asked again and again to come back into stillness.

Recall the natural world: a leaf falling from a tree, ice melting, or clouds moving across the sky. These sensations and natural occurrences are the epitome of living on this Earth. Our very human nature and the Earth that holds us, moves so slowly and with such elegance that we often take its characteristics for granted. It is not until we are inconvenienced that we slow down and begin to notice our surroundings.

Can we begin to mimic the natural word so that our dreams and desires can be accomplished through slower and more thoughtful acts? Can we exist in a way that echoes the pace of our environment? Can we proceed about our lives  in the same way that the seasons change without fail? 

Slow your thoughts and actions to the pace of the Earth that soaks up the heavy spring rains. Begin to have faith that like the ground which  drinks the water from the sky, our slow and intentional movements can have a greater impact on what we give and receive in this life. If we are more deliberate with our actions, we can become more present with our surroundings. This deliberate action is often more advantageous than a hurried pace. We can slow down to fully enter situations and to cultivate more space for those people and pursuits that we hold close to our hearts. 

Remember the ones who mean the most to you in this life, as well as the ones that hold the smallest place in your heart. Have faith that everything you want to accomplish will be accomplished. Smile, knowing that your body will undoubtedly carry you into the freshness of living, as well as  the moments of pure and ageless light. 

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