Return to Love

Maybe it’s for love.
— Janis Joplin

Dichotomy creates meaning. What would happiness be without sorrow? Anger without joy? Hope without despair? It is the opposing view that defines the other. When we create space with our breath there is almost instantly an opportunity created for us to choose. In the Latin language, the root of intelligence means to choose between. So when we can create space with our breath, there is an opening for us to make an intelligent decision. Amongst the ups and downs of daily life, what choices exist? Try to not get swept away in the negative, because without it the positive would be meaningless. Embrace the dichotomy. Resolve to return to love

"Return to Love"

"Return to Love"

Use the space created to return to center, to breath and to all the things that there are to be grateful for. When we employ our own discernment, we open to more possibilities. Space is created for us to grow. With newfound openness, may we continuously spread light and spaciousness to others, because now we have no choice but to let all of our hearts spill into the world.

Ashley LorenzoComment