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Remain Present

Remain Present
If your ears and eyes are open, you will see the windows of opportunity open around you.
— Cherie Carter-Scott

So often we are told to relax and let everything go, but what does that really mean? How can we truly let things be when we’re caught up in the emotions and the day to day happenings that occur in our personal lives? 

The first part of letting go is to acknowledge what is happening and to take full responsibility for the circumstances of our lives, our own actions and reactions. Feel into the things, become even more aware of these personal ongoings. Step fully into whats going on within and around you. Attempt a better understanding by bringing those happenings to mind. Bring them into your body and into your breath.

We must notice what our personal attachments are before we can begin to separate from and entirely let go of them. Detachment doesn’t necessarily mean to completely abandon or withdraw. Detachment actually asks us to remain present to ourselves.

That is all it is. 

"Remain Present"

"Remain Present"

If one asks what exactly it is they are attached to, whether it be certain expectations, thought patterns or the ways in which they think things should be, they’ll quickly realize that these attachments actually get in the way. When we give up these attachments, we become more present with ourselves, we get out of our own way and can experience another perspective. 

Circumstances may not change, but the Self changes. By surrendering and becoming more present, we open to our truth, who we are already are, and then the present becomes more apparent. 

When we let go, we’re finally able to see what has been there all along. 

Engage in Life. Shift your perspective (read how to here). Remain present. Let go of expectations, release fears, be flexible, and take it all as it comes. Trust in the moment. 

Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. 

This too is surrender. This too is letting go.

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