Ashley Lorenzo

Open and Receive

Open and Receive

Believe in the things inside you.
All the moons, all the suns,
all the winds and all the fires.
They all move when you move.
Everything unfolds and shift with the rise of your chest.
— R.M. Drake

Everything unfolds when we open ourselves to receive possibilities. Everything shifts when we decide to say yes. We receive what we yearn and hope for when we open up just enough to let our desires and dreams find their way to us. We gain most when we believe in the things that are already inside of us. 

Do not seek, awaken. 

Open and receive.

"Open and Receive"

"Open and Receive"

The best way to access the things we want is to remember that they are already within. It is easy to doubt and to second guess our individual abilities. 

We are already in alignment with life and our experience. We can perceive ourselves as separate from our experience or choose to see ourselves as connected with everything around us. When we choose to acknowledge the profound interconnection that exists amongst us all, the more available we become to possibilities and the unfolding of everything that we can be made open to receive.  Perhaps openness is that state we feel, when we know we are fully alive and in our purpose — perhaps, this openness allows us to find what it is we can contribute to and gain from our lives.

When we embrace a more open state of being (click here to learn how), we are living in connection to the world. In this openness, we can receive. The possibilities that are available flow freely to us. We can relax, assured in our knowing that we are exactly where we need to be. 

Trust in the process. 

Acknowledge the connection of all things. Lean into the mystery of it all.

Open and receive endless possibilities.