Ashley Lorenzo

Choosing Love Over Fear

Choosing Love Over Fear

In our lives we are confronted over and over again with situations that challenge us. Some scenarios might make us uncomfortable, others might resurface negative emotions or cause us to be reactive.

Staying in an uncomfortable situation is difficult, but it is important and critical because what we find may prove to be both pivotal and awakening. It is required that we maintain the stamina to endure the discomfort. For it is during this period that we are presented with an opportunity to continue forward  from either a place of fear or a place of love. We are given a chance to run with that decision and to transform.

We are in this experience for our soul to evolve and in every situation we can choose either fear or love. We have the option to approach every dilemma with mindfulness instead of reactivity, peace instead of anger, and forgiveness instead of resentment. When we decide to take the higher path of love and compassion, we are simultaneously taking a step closer to becoming the best version of ourselves.  

Forget your story, do not get caught up in the details or temptation to point blame. Instead go out into the world and answer to your calling. Show up every single day to do your work, and that work is love. This love is inside of us and is available always, when we choose.

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