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Move From a Place of Love

Move From a Place of Love

To live with things and not in front of them, to no longer watch, but to realize that we are part of everything we see— this is the love that keeps moving us back into wholeness when divided. To love by admitting our connection to everything is how we stay well.
— Mark Nepo

When we move from a place of love, we embrace the present moment. We come back to our center,  we breathe, and then we step forward in the right direction. 

When we begin to center our world around the importance of our lives, whether it be those who we care about or the things and activities that excite our passion, we make space for ourselves and begin to put first things first. 

That first thing is called love. 

We are in this experience for our soul to evolve and in every situation we can choose to move from a place of love. 

We have the option to approach every situation with mindfulness instead of reactivity. We have the ability to take the higher path of love and compassion, simultaneously taking a step closer to becoming the best version of ourselves.  

"Move From a Place of Love"

"Move From a Place of Love"

While not an easy task, it is always available when we embrace the present, return to our breath and choose love above all.

How can you begin to move from a place of love. How can your breath be a guiding force to bring you back to your center, back to the present moment. What does it mean for you to move from a place of love? What do you love and value in your own life that can be like your base to return to over and over again? 

This love is inside of you and available always. Move from a place of love, realize your connection to everything you see and do and know that love has the power to bring you in connection with the whole.

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