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Listen to the Voice Within

Listen to the Voice Within

The person practicing svadhyaya reads his own book of life, at the same time that he writes and revises it. There is a change in his outlook on life. He starts to realize . . . that all creation is divine, that there is a divinity within himself and that the energy that moves him is the same that moves the entire universe.
— Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar

How can you begin to write the book of your own life? What doubts or questions about yourself must you abandon to do so?

Throughout most of our lives, we obsess over approval and positive feedback. It is common and even, sometimes healthy to search for approval from others. However, this over-dependence on the opinions of others can send us into a downward spiral of self-doubt. If there is a lack of approval, we might begin to believe that we’re not good enough or that we will never be able to achieve our dreams. 

So, we must change our way of thinking. 

"Listen to the Voice Within"

"Listen to the Voice Within"

Svadhyaya (svad- ya- ya) is an ancient sanskrit word that means self-reflection. It is presented to us as a part of the eight-limbed path of yoga. It is the fourth of the niyamas (the personal observances). Sva means “self" and adhyaya means "inquiry". 

Any activity that brings about self-reflective awareness can be considered svadhyaya. It means to intentionally find self-awareness in all of our activities and relationships. It encourages and helps us to examine our values, motivations and desires. It teaches us to be centered and non-reactive to the opposition we might face. It forces us to completely eliminate unwanted and negative tendencies.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the disapproval of others, trust your gut and listen to that voice within you that tells you that you ARE capable. Let yourself be guided by your innate feeling of greater inspiration and wisdom. Even the worst of days can be your greatest guide. Let every experience be a chance for you to revise, redirect, and rewrite the story of your life. Take what works and leave what doesn’t. Only you know what you need and only you can dictate the ending of your own story.

We can discover our own way when we stop trying to conform, learn to be ourselves, and allow space for that highest path to unfold for us. Our thoughts, words and deeds have an impact on our lives. With a deliberate commitment to self-study and the practice of self-trust, magic begins to enter our lives at our own desired approval. 

Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
— Anonymous
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