Light and Shadow
I am large . . . I contain multitudes.
— Walt Whitman

We are complex and diverse. As we continue to engage with the world, we begin to understand how the past has helped to shape and to bring us to where we are now. We figure out how to take ownership of our shadow selves. We learn to embrace our tender parts: the joyous, the sensitive, the scared and the fearless. For we are all of these things rolled into one. We are our past; but we are only those experiences because they have led us to where we stand today. 

The plethora of roles that we play in our individuals lives asks that we bring those various parts of ourselves to the table. In order to be “all in," all parts of ourselves have to be present.

"Light and Shadow"

"Light and Shadow"

We are multidimensional beings, both light and shadow. We are expansive and contain multitudes. The recognition of all of our parts help us to be better, to love better and to serve more. This best version of ourselves is available through the acknowledgement of the many aspects of ourselves: the shadow self and the light self. Separating the two, pulls us apart, but conjoining these facets make us more whole, more alive. 

By uniting both the light and the shadow, we embrace all parts. Instead of trying to change or alter our past or present experiences, we can recognize them as being essential to our growth. It becomes evident that the aspects unite to makes us more whole. In this new, wholehearted story of ourselves and who we are, our visions have a chance to be more clear. We look within, so we can awaken. We understand the importance of dancing with the shadow, so that we can continue to move into the light. 

Ashley LorenzoComment