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Invite Stillness

Invite Stillness

There are two ways to feel wind: climb into the open and be still or keep moving.
— Mark Nepo

Invite stillness into your life. Allow it to be a part of your daily practice. Remember that slowing down enables you to move forward. Taking time to recharge and care for yourself enables you to enter life fully. 

Being human, the world demands us to move and sometimes at a quickened pace. Oftentimes the list of to-dos and demands seem endless. But in order for us to navigate life ands its demands most effectively, we must cultivate respect for silence and the moments of stillness. Stillness helps us to clear our minds. These moments of silence offer us a chance to reconnect with our essence and absolute truth.

Find space in these moments of stillness. Bring peace into the spaces of silence.

Clarity exists within these spaces.

Those of us who struggle with being still often can't see the many gifts that stillness offers. By actively choosing to slow down, we can move into stillness with grace and respect.

Then,  from a space of quiet you can receive insight into your own being.  Let this newfound respect for stillness refuel your life. Allow this clarity to aid  your personal evolvement. The clarity of your mind can help us to function at your highest potential. 

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