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Illuminate Love

Illuminate Love
Whoever has a heart full of love, always has something to give.
— Pope John XXIII

When a life is lead with heart that is full of love, there is always something to give. Embrace the possibilities that exist within and in each other. See the beauty and truth in the form of the human spirit.  As long as we are alive, we have the ability to connect with one another. We hold the power to recognize and discover the gifts that each of us has to offer. 

It is a profound gift to be human. And in this experience, we have the ability and the choice to illuminate the light that we have to share. Simultaneously, we possess the means to receive that same brilliance from others. 

"Illuminate Love"

"Illuminate Love"

Awaken to the patterns that you naturally fall into. Ask yourself if you are living and doing the most that you can in order to take full advantage of being alive. Live to your fullest potential. Immerse yourself in the light of others; recognize their truth and bask in their love. Surrender judgement about things or people. Instead, open yourself to the incredible wisdom that exists amongst humanity. Move with heart and intention; so that we can avail ourselves of that wisdom and insight from every experience and person that we come across. Lead with curiosity. Be surprised by what you and others have to give. Receive and experience endless possibility. There is so much opportunity in this human body. It is a brilliant experience that is as necessary as breath. There are countless insights to gather and attain, and there is no shortness of either.

Let the heart be filled with love and see that love and possibility within every person. 

Illuminate Love. 

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