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How to Open to More Possibilities

How To Open To More Possibilities
"How To Open To More Possibilities"

"How To Open To More Possibilities"

Most people think that we must be in the right place at the right time in order to happen upon the desires and dreams that that we strive for individually. I’ve found the contrary.

Possibilities and our ability to access them do not rely solely on opportune timing. Rather, it simply requires a commitment to being open enough to receive them into our lives. It doesn’t require us to seek a certain way, method or guide. Instead, it asks that we awaken to what is already inside of us and open to receive the chances and desires that are available into our lives. Are you feeling blocked or stagnant? We’ve all been there. The truth is that you’re able to move through those blocks and get out of that rut. You may not be able to quit your day job, but these possibilities are within reach. 

So, how do we open just enough to receive and attain all the possibilities that await us (read more here)? 

Follow these ideas below to eliminate resistance, cultivate more space and awaken to the life that is waiting for you



Limited beliefs are a main cause of resistance. Challenge these beliefs. Replace a negative and self-limiting mindset with one that is expansive and more supportive. What if you were to actually believe in your personal capabilities? When we decide what our abilities, we simultaneously limit them. Give up expectations and demands. Let your visions and abilities be wide-ranging. Identify the blocks that keep you from reaching the opportunities that you desire to gain. Remove these blocks and turn your focus towards cultivating more space for possibility to flow in. Stay inspired and motivated by your visions. Trust that these visions will come to fruition. 


Remember that voice inside of you that hints ideas and thoughts throughout the entirety of your day? Have you taken the time to listen to what it is saying? That voice is your greatest guide. By creating more awareness, you can awaken to all that you need. Everything that you need resides within you already. Slow down enough to listen in more closely. You might be surprised by what you discover. Likewise, have you ever attended a conference or experience a week where you kept hearing the same message again and again? Have you listened to a talk or lecture and certain words and topic stood out to you? Notice these moments. These are clues. These subtle insights can lead you to what you’re looking for. 

3. CONNECT     

Opportunities will fly past those who aren’t open enough to receive them. This mean that you must put yourself in the way of those possibilities. Get outside of your comfort zone. Move in the direction of your fears. Make an effort to connect with others. Build relationships. Open your eyes. Pay attention. Engage with new people and in different environments. Extend help. Speak up. Get curious. Ask strategic questions, and then listen to the answers. You’ll never know what new connections can bring you unless you meet those connections halfway.


Those who find the most opportunities are those who are most receptive to them. Identify with your unique ways to find more opportunity in your daily life. Let these practice be ritualistic. Each day presents a new opportunity to invoke your dreams. Begin everyday with gratitude and an open heart. Then, receive your blessings. Do it for the opportunities and possibilities that await. Open and receive. 

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