Hold Space
Everything in life is pointing us back to our true nature.
— Stephen Cope

With all of the twists of fate and uncertainty that life brings, is it possible to truly be with what is?

If it is possible, I believe that the gateway to acceptance lies within our ability to tend to the inner self. Self inquiry is the perfect vehicle to be with whatever comes up in our lives. It helps us to move through transitions with more grace. If we lead with curiosity, we can steady our attention on what is actually happening in any given moment. We are able to become a witness. When we pause, we acknowledge and hold space for ourselves as well as for others.

"Hold Space"

"Hold Space"

This leads us to discover all of the possibilities that are available within and around us. There are countless insights to gather and attain. Take the time to tend to your inner self and to be with what comes up. Instead of judging your thoughts, how you’re feeling or even what is happening, just be with what is. Hold space for the present moment. Inquire within and locate what is true. With this newfound space, believe that there is something greater occurring here.  

Support others in pausing to do the same. Trust in your abilities. Instead of turning way, feel into whatever presents itself and cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Tap into the abundance and graciousness that is always there. Sometimes we need the uncertainty and feelings of loss or insecurity in order to grow. When we look within, there is a sanctuary of calm and security. Find refuge and peace within. Hold space for the love and strength that blooms there.

Ashley LorenzoComment