Ground Yourself In Gratitude


Always begin with gratitude. Allow the gratitude that you cultivate in your immediate life to be like the roots of a tree. Imagine that these roots ground your body and earthly existence. Then, let this foundation of gratitude nourish, support and care for you.

May the feeling of genuine thanks bring you forward into life each day, so that you can become fully present. Gratitude should be the base of your existence. It is the solid foundation that keeps you rooted in your humanness, no matter how you’re feeling or what you’re experiencing. Despite any circumstance, you can always draw upon this base of strength and appreciation.

"Ground Yourself In Gratitude"

"Ground Yourself In Gratitude"

This thankfulness can be made readily available so that you can be more open and available to life. It allows for you to consistently choose love over fear and helps you to make choices from a place of acceptance rather than jealousy. It reminds you to be generous in your attitude and mindful of your intentions.

The goal of this continual cultivation of gratitude is to remove whatever might keep you from being whole. It is the simplest and deepest way to experience true happiness. It unites your spirit and the earth together. It quickly brings to the forefront what is truly important.

To be grateful means more than just giving thanks for what you already have. It also means to give thanks for where you are right now, where you have been in the past and the mystery of your entire existence. It helps you to realize the beauty of it all. It lights your way forward and reminds you to feel the plentitude of all that you have ever experienced. Ultimately, it allows you to navigate your life from your heart center.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.
— Eckhart Tolle
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