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Everything You Do, Do For Love

Everything You Do, Do For Love

There is a knower who experiences everything.
There is a presence dancing everywhere.
There is a Lover who embraces us all.

I am one with that Light
I am one with that Power
I am one with that Love
— The Radiance Sutras, v. 86

Everything you do, do for love.

Ask anyone and most people would confirm that love is the single most important thing in their lives. It is the last thing we would forfeit, but often our lives become inundated with to-do lists that love and its importance gets pushed to the wayside.

But love holds great power. It has the power to both transform and shape us and those we love. In fact, without love our worlds would not be the same. 

Imagine if everything you did, you did for love. Imagine what your life would be like if you lived and acted with intention; and at the heart of that intention was your passion for the people and things in life that you deeply care for. 

Bring to mind the people and things that you love.

"Everything You Do, Do For Love"

"Everything You Do, Do For Love"

What if that love was your driving force?

How would your life shift and change?

Love is not based on what we receive, rather it’s based upon what we give. If you were to give love fully, what would you take away? How would you benefit? The depth of love is based on your willingness to give of yourself. Through love, you can transform.

Open your heart. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Fill yourself with love. Let it replenish and nourish you completely.

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