Embrace Your Importance

When we embrace our importance, we are living our connection with others and the world around us.
— Judith Lasater

One of the most powerful human needs is the one for connection. We all want a sense of belonging, a feeling of community and hope that the people in our lives both encourage and support us at all times. We long for these kinds of connection, so that we might feel more complete in our lives. Without this sense of connection, we feel incomplete. Connection brings about purpose in our lives. 

Although, we may at times feel disconnected, the truth of it is that there is a deep interconnectedness that brings all living beings together in the world. 

To feel this more fully, we must make a choice and that is to give up the story that exists in our mind. This story, which varies from person to person, is the one that we create for ourselves. It is one that perpetuates separation and self-doubt. In fact, it separates you from life and all of its opportunities. 

"Embrace Your Importance"

"Embrace Your Importance"

It is created by your beliefs, reactions and experiences. The positive aspect of these individual stories are that they have the ability to change. If we can choose to perceive ourselves as more connected with our surroundings, then we will in fact become more connected. We will come face to face with more opportunities and more support. It is all about perception.

It is all about creating your own story, your own reality, so you may witness the connection of all things. Create the life you want by being open to the life you already have.

Remember that you are an integral part of the whole, an important part of an incredibly  grand design.

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