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Call Into Being

Call Into Being

Thoughts are energy, and you can make your world or break your world by your thinking.
— Susan Taylor

Inside all of us lies an innate knowing. There is a deep understanding that lives and guides us toward our calling. It calls us toward our true being. Something exists within that pushes us to take risks, leave fear behind, and beyond all reasonable doubt venture into unknown territory for the mere chance that we might succeed, perhaps, even experience true happiness. 

We all experience some form of fear. 

In Book 2, Verses 9 and 10 of the Yoga Sutra, Patnanjali says, 

“The will to live, flowing along by its momentum, is rooted thus even in the sages./These causes of affliction, in their subtle form, are to be overcome by the process of involution.”

So, the fears that dwell within can act like propellers to move us forward when we choose to abandon them and remember our essence. In fact, fear can be a reminder that we must resume living in what is real. However, we must trust ourselves and have faith in our inner-knowing. 

When you are truly present in the moment, you are not afraid. Instead, you are in an awakened state. You're not distracted by doubtful thinking. You’re not concerned about what may or may not happen. Rather, you are fully absorbed in your purpose. You are called into being

Largely, our purpose here is to be called into being. We possess the ability to choose and move into a more awake state of being. We can move beyond reasonable doubt. We can choose to acknowledge our fears, while simultaneously bringing awareness back to what is actually happening in the present moment, so that we can live more fully.

How are you called into being? If you answered to this call, what would happen? If you chose to act in the face of fear, beyond question and doubt, where would you be?

All we have is right here, right now. 

When you let go of fear, return and trust your inner-knowing, your calling, new forms of reality can enter. Who are you to deny this calling? 

Every chance that you have, choose life. Every moment that passes, choose to listen to your call into being. Be tender when you listen, for you are on the path, that in the end is what makes the journey. Right here, right now.

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