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Become Open and Comfortable with Change

Become Open and Comfortable with Change

Open yourself to change. 

Imagine if we spent our lives living only in our comfort zones. If this were the reality, there would be no room for growth. What an incredibly narrow life that would be.

Our lives open up in ways that are unexpected, and often out of our control. Life will open and close doors that leave us with little room for commentary or opinion. Change is often inconvenient and has the power to leave our lives utterly and infinitely transformed. But it also holds the promise to open us to new levels of vulnerability, strength and even gratitude. Like the natural world, change is the constant that is unavoidable. 

Therefore, we must have the courage everyday to faces the changes that are presented to us, knowing that they can and will awaken us to our potential. However, we do not need to change ourselves completely in the wake of new circumstances. Instead, we can build on our past experiences and what we already know to be truth.


"Become Open and Comfortable with Change"

"Become Open and Comfortable with Change"

Allow your journey through life and its changes to carry you to new levels of understanding, compassion, and peace. May this awakening open you to possibilities and allow you to fully embrace the beauty of change. Let this new awareness help you to find comfort in the unknown. 

Recall your surroundings: the change of color in the leaves, the drop of temperature in the air, and the turning over of waves in the ocean. If we were to resist this type of change in the natural world, we would be resisting the inevitable process. Ultimately, we would be denying the emergence of new life to appear. Similarly, we must experience personal change. May we open ourselves to growth, accept and embrace the unknown to uncover what is growing within us. Open to meet the potential that lies within.

Breathe in the small moments that make up the sweetness of life. Learn to appreciate the magnificence and impermanence of it all.


We give thanks for the air that we breathe, for our bodies, so capable and strong, and to all of life that sustains, nourishes and nurtures. May we remain present in our body and mind and continue to grow, learn and expand our consciousness so as to know our highest Self. May we commit to observing our reactivity and breathe more fully and completely in times of conflict. May we stay grounded so that the choices we make are influenced by our mindfulness and compassion. May we see beyond reason, heal beyond belief, love beyond barriers. May we surrender to this deep work, commit to the beauty of our awakening souls and celebrate the bond of breath that binds all of us- you, me, this planet and spirit as one.
— Seane Corn
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