Accept Happiness in All Forms

Contemplate the entire universe
As a magic show
On the grandest scale imaginable
Fabulous art, an immense painting in motion.
God is a magician whirling galaxies of fire,
Juggling atoms, planets and us.
Everything, everything is fleeting.
Meditating on this magic,
Great happiness rises in the heart.
— The Radiance Sutras |102|

Who are we to say how happiness looks and how happiness feels? Accept happiness in all forms. Realize the individual sweetness of your life and allow for happiness to rise in your heart. 

It is necessary to discover the beauty that makes up your personal life. Let every breath, every transition and movement guide you closer to finding that beauty. Seek happiness within that beauty from the moment you awake to the moment that you fall asleep. 

Live in gratitude. Begin to appreciate even the smallest moments that make up your life. Let these simple moments fill you with wonder and awe. Breathe tenderly as the lover of all the circumstances in your life. 

"Accept Happiness in All Forms"

"Accept Happiness in All Forms"

Be present with every part of your existence. Even without the hope for a better tomorrow or the dream that matters will change, can you learn to be joyful in the present moment? It is valuable to strive for a successful future or sometimes a different life circumstance, but acceptance paired with joyfulness can expose a sleeping spirit that lies within us all. This spirit exudes love and tenderness for all matters of the heart. It is a spirit and truth that relishes in the mundane moments that make up this life. It is an eternal happiness that seeks love and joy despite the situation. It is a strong heart that knows a secret. It exposes an understanding that reminds us that the present moment is truly a gift. It is a gift that knows not of the future or of the past. It is a blessing that has the ability to bring us into union with our spirit, our surroundings and one step closer to our truth. 

Embrace this spirit and truth that lies within. Let joy be your ultimate and best choice. Begin to welcome happiness in all forms.

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