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3 Ways to See More Beauty Every Day

3 Ways to See More Beauty Every Day
Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide?
— Kahlil Gibran
"3 Ways to See More Beauty Every Day"

"3 Ways to See More Beauty Every Day"

Life is filled with beauty and unknown. It is our duty as humans to see this beauty everyday and make it known. Are you having trouble seeing and noticing the beauty in your everyday life? We’ve all been there. Try out these suggestions to bring more beauty and zest in your life and daily routine: 

Seek Inspiration

Inspiration has to be a commitment and choice that one makes. Beauty is always available. It just needs to be sought out and found. We must go out and chase after the beauty in the world. Again and again, we must put ourselves in the way of beauty. When we do so, the subtleties and interesting nuances in life make themselves more apparent. We make ourselves more open and available to the beauty in the world. Where do you find the most inspiration? Is it by yourself with a book, in nature, in the kitchen or is it in the company of friends? Where ever it is, go there. Strategically place yourself in the way of beauty. 

Share with Others

Find the beauty that exists in others. We live in highly connected world, but so often that connection isn’t felt and its’ potential isn't maximized. Share beauty with others. Create conversations. Feed off the creative and engaging minds of others. Spend some time contemplating the happenings of life with others. Ask questions. Be curious. Listen to the thoughts and ideas of others. Be surprised by the beauty and insight that others offer into the world. These insights will carry with you throughout the day and life you up. 

Disconnect and Slow Down

It is easy to find beauty and inspiration when we scroll through our devices. However, when we put the phone away, we can notice and bring even more beauty into our daily lives. Slow down. Move with more mindfulness. Practice deep breathing. Spend a few minutes in meditation or take a walk in nature. Reflect on what you hear and notice within and around you. Let yourself be carried away by creative thoughts and lose track of time for a while. The space in between your thoughts and breath will be filled with everything that looks beautiful to you. 


Seek beauty, wholeheartedly.

Seek inspiration, relentlessly. 

And do so, every single day.  


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